What is ADAS ?

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems ADAS

ADAS means an advanced driver assistance system. It includes cameras, radar and LIDAR that capture information from the vehicle's surroundings. The system analyzes information such as: vehicle position, pedestrian presence, road signs, lane and driving conditions (low visibility, night driving).

These sensors are usually located in the front and rear bumpers, windshield, front grill and side and rear view mirrors.

When is it needed to perform an ADAS calibration?

Calibration is needed each time an ADAS sensor has moved fro it's original position or is replaced by a new one

           /after an accident repair
           /a wheel alignment operation
           /a vehicle height change
           /a windshield replacement
           /a customer complaint about ADAS failure

What are the workshop requirements?

To adjust calibration please provide: 

           /ADAS calibration equipment is a set components
            that allow you to calibrate the system according to
            specifications required by the manufacturers.
            The set contains calibration panels

           /A diagnostic tester is required, which
            the software allows you to save the settings to
            vehicle ECU

           /Set for vehicle wheel alignment
           /Flat surface


Are there different types of ADAS calibration?

Yes. There are Static and Dynamic calibration procedures. The type of calibration depends on the vehicle. In some vehicles both types are required (e.g BMW 5 & 6 series – Static calibration for ACC radar and dynamic calibration for Camera):

     /Static calibration - are completed in a workshop
       and require the use of the rig and the target panels

     /Dynamic calibration are completed during a road test 
      during a certain time in well-maintained road markings

Does the Delphi diagnostics tester software allows to calibrate ADAS systems?

Diagnostics software DS150 Delphi Technologies covers a wide range of ADAS systems that require both static and dynamic calibration.

Click to check the system coverage for version 2020.00

How to recognize that the program allows ADAS calibration?

After selecting the correct vehicle model, the ADAS function ADAS is listed in the system selection window.

More information and help files can be found in the Vehicle Information section


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